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When you think about getting a makeup application, think of your skin as the surface of a wall or the canvas of a painting. Before painting a wall (or creating a masterpiece), first, the wall has to be repaired, holes need to be filled, the surface needs to be smoothed and primed.

Optimally applying makeup to your skin requires a similar process. If you have dry or scaly skin, the foundation that is applied will likely adhere poorly. Consequently, your foundation will look caked and cracked. Oily or dehydrated skin is also suboptimal conditions for applying foundation.

My advice is to properly prepare your skin before applying makeup or foundation. This is why you want your makeup artist to be a trained skincare specialist (aesthetician) who understands your skin's physiology and your skin’s anatomy.  At MD Skin, besides offering a makeup application, we offer a variety of skincare treatments that can enhance the health and look of your skin even before you have your makeup applied.  

Steps to Achieve Optimal Results

1. Start by making sure that your skin is properly prepared like the wall. Your skin needs to be hydrated, smoothed and primed before applying makeup or foundation.

2. Exfoliation to smooth your skin's surface, Exfoliation is a "must" before having optimal makeup done. There are various types of exfoliations; manual, mechanical and chemical. Exfoliation can include microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

For brides to be, be cautious using overly aggressive exfoliation techniques (like high-grade chemical peels) too close to “the big day”. Timing is important and you want your skin to be fresh, glowing and hydrated on your wedding day, not irritated.

Glowing & Hydrated

The best way to have glowing and hydrated skin is by having a facial. Make sure your aesthetician uses products that are safe for your skin. You do not want to use any harsh products that can cause skin irritation or skin breakouts close to your day.

Priming The Canvas

There are various types of primers; these include wrinkle corrections, large pore fillers, and primers that specifically prolong your makeup duration.

On the day of your makeup application, your skin is ready, smooth, hydrated and glowing. Now you have the perfect canvas to lay down foundation and begin working on the final masterpiece, your beautiful face!

A Healthy Body Leads to Healthier Skin!

Make sure that your diet is optimized, avoid sugar, processed and synthetic foods and foods that contain unhealthy fats (like fried foods and vegetable oils). Drink pure spring water, avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages. Get adequate amounts of exercise and plenty of sleep. Keep in mind that sometimes what we are taught is a healthy diet is actually not healthy at all, but propaganda designed to sell certain products or lifestyles. 

At MD Skin, we also offer solid, science-based nutritional advice that will improve your skin’s health and appearance from the inside out and maybe even help you drop a few extra pounds before your big day. Dr. Rothman is a holistically oriented medical doctor that can help you achieve enhanced health and appearance.

Application Pricing

Makeup Application Pricing
Basic Makeup Application$70
Bride's Makeup Application$100

Special package is available for brides, brides’ maids, bride’s mother and bride’s maid of honor. The package is based on the number of people and distance. A trial for the bride’s makeup application is required.

Makeup Application