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Your skin in the largest organ in your body, it provides a protective cover for your internal parts. This protective cover can also create problems when attempting to treat your skin.

Your skin has multiple layers to it. The most superficial layer is called the epidermis, below your epidermis; you have your dermis and finally below your dermis is your hypodermis.

Your epidermis itself has many layers; the outermost layer of your epidermis is composed of cornified cells that are essentially dead, impervious, connective tissue. While this outermost layer provides you protection to environmental conditions that can damage your skin, this layer also can prevent you from administering useful therapies to the underlying layers of your skin (dermis) that need nourishment.

Merely putting a lotion or a cream can be useful in keeping your skin moistened and hydrated. However, if you want to nourish the deeper layers of your skin, then you need some method to penetrate this outer layer. This is where exfoliative treatments and permeabilization techniques (like mesotherapy and sonotherapy) can be successfully employed. At MD Skin we use the only the best and safest exfoliative and permeabilization techniques to allow us to improve the health of your skin all the way from the deepest layers to the most superficial layers of this very important organ.

Additionally, your skin health is a reflection of your overall health. In other words, if you are healthy you will tend to have healthy skin and if you are unhealthy, your skin will also look “sick”. Think about someone who smokes. Smokers tend to have prematurely aged and wrinkled skin. Why? Smoking causes severe damage (oxidative stress and free radical damage) to all of the organs and tissues of your body. This internal damage will reveal itself as prematurely aged, wrinkled and uneven skin. Accelerated skin aging can also be the result of poor diet, inadequate sleep, stress, hormonal problems and many, many other factors  At MD Skin, we use a Metabolically Directed Functional Medicine approach to balance out the metabolic, hormonal, immune system and nervous system imbalances that can damage, distort and age you and your skin both inside and out.