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What is it?

Utilizes  the skins water based ”channels” to  promote transude delivery of drugs  by a pulsed lonthophoresis with “electroporation like” continuous reversed polarity current. Unlike electroporation there is no permanent tissue damage. And the use of this product is not restricted to labs.

How it works?

Dermoelectroporation uses pulses that are controlled in value , time duration and  characteristics which the patients skin can tolerate with no problem. Dermoelectroporation technology has no effect on the  ionic drug being  and does not need neither skin ph-comensating patch, no pre charged compounds, no return electrode and driving gels to get the job done.

About Dermoelectroporation device:

Ultrapeel Transderm Meso System is the newest needles free mesotherapy injection system for transdermal drug delivery utilizing Dermoelectroporation technology and it is cleared by the US FDA as alternative to injections. Transderm Meso System has  been designed to make doctors obtain all the benifts from drugs transdermal delivery procedures avoiding limits and side effects traditional therapies.

Ultrapeel Transderm Meso System ensures speed of action, easier regulation of either current delivery and vibration and monitors skin impedance in real time to give users the final results they expect.


Ultrapeel Microdermabrasion is used in cellulite treatments, pre-lazer applications, pre and post skin resurfacing surgery procedures, as a alternate to injections for all mesotherapy applications.

Why you should use the Ultrapeel Transderm Meso System?Ultrapeel Microdermabrasion usually increases the transdermal delivery of Products Vs a topical application. The 45 Deg.V shaped patented handpiece allows the control of the microdermabrasion by exfoliating the stratum corneum in the proper way, preparing then the skin to recieve the dermoelectroporation application. Ultrapeell Mircrodermabrader is well known for stratum corneum controlled exfoliation, peripheral blood circulation increasing and, due to the vacuum, to stimulate the collagen production . Great advantage with Ultrapeel Mircodermabrasion is that the standardization of the skin chacteristics is responsible so that the drug delivery rate is reproducible for any skin condition.