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Your skin’s outer layer (known as the epidermis) serves to protect the inner layers of your skin from the damaging effects of harsh environmental conditions. However, this protection comes with a cost. Your epidermis can also impair the ability to deliver needed macro and micronutrients into the deeper layers of your skin.        

Mesotherapy to the Rescue

Mesotherapy is a method for treating your mesoderm (the middle layer of skin below your epidermis known as the dermis). Mesotherapy was initially developed in 1952 in France by Dr. Michel Pistor, a French physician. Dr Pistor originally used his mesotherapy techniques for the treatment of sports injuries, to improve circulation and to reduce inflammation.

Mesotherapy has been defined as “a therapeutic procedure that consists of injecting a minimal dose of medication, at a slight depth by needles at the closest point possible to the origin of the pain or illness. “

Over the last few decades, mesotherapy has been very frequently used in France, Europe and all over the world for improving the appearance and texture of the skin. Mesotherapy owes its efficacy to its ability to deliver needed micronutrients directly into the areas of skin that are lacking in these vital nutrients. Commonly used mesotherapy agents include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, copper, manganese and niacinamide.

Can I Get Mesotherapy Treatments Without Using Needles?

Perhaps the only “down side” of mesotherapy is the use of needles to deliver these highly beneficial substances. Needles, of course, can cause pain and discomfort and some damage to skin tissue with their use. However, with the advent of transdermal mesotherapy this is no longer an issue.

Transdermal mesotherapy employs the use of a needle-free, transdermal (through the skin) delivery system to allow the administration of these mesotherapeutic agents without the needles.

How Does Transdermal Mesotherapy Work?

Transdermal Mesotherapy (also known as needle-free mesotherapy) uses pulsed electrical waves to open up your skin’s water based channels to allow the delivery of micro (small) molecules and macro (large) molecules without damaging the targeted tissues or cells of your skin.